15 Effective Ideas to Make your Home Energy-Efficient

15 Energy-Saving Ideas for Your Home

Every year, the U.S. wastes $130 billion dollars worth of energy. Our homes show it the most, in the form of high monthly utility bills. In fact, the amount of energy wasted in the United States in 2012 was enough to power the entire U.K. for seven years. Each individual in the world pays dearly for this waste, and it’s up to us to fix it.

There are many practical things we can do in our homes to reduce the waste and our utility bills. Daily habits, smart choices, and some wonderful new “smart” products will allow you to reduce the amount of power used in a home every day.

Start Saving Energy & Money!

This infographic by 99SmartHomes includes 15 effective home improvement ideas to make your home energy efficient, reduce your utility bills, and help save energy waste in the world!

15 Effective Ways to Make your home energy efficient


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