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What to Expect at This Year’s Whooping Crane Festival

Every year, Port Aransas celebrates the endangered whooping crane, which migrates to the Aransas Wildlife Refuge and can be seen up close in its natural habitat. This year marks 20th anniversary of Port Aransas’s annual Whooping Crane Festival, and it will be a treat to attend.

Special Speakers and Events

whooping crane standing in a marsh with its head raisedThe Whooping Crane Festival is a great event for all ages, where you can learn about the endangered whooping crane and conservation efforts, hear from guest speakers, take impressive wildlife photos, and experience the Port Aransas area on guided field trips.

Plus, you have the chance to visit top points of interest around the area, including the University of Texas Marine Science Institute, Wetlands Education Center, Port Aransas Civic Center, and Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center. Highlights of this year’s Whooping Crane Festival include:

  • Keynote Speaker: Carter Smith, Executive Director of Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
  • Luncheon Presentation: Tom Stehn, retired US Whooping Crane Coordinator
  • Photography Exhibit: Zhongjie Zheng
  • Whooping Crane Experts Round Table: Joe Duff, Dr. Wade Harrell, Dr. Sammy King, Dr. Felipe Chavez-Ramirez, Dr. Liz Smith, and Dr. George Archibald

Other highlights of the 2016 Whooping Crane Festival include birding field trips; the Wine, Whine, Whoopers & Design class; and guided tours around the area.

Whooping Crane Festival 2016 Details

When: Thursday, Feb. 25th – Sunday, Feb. 28th 

Where: Port Aransas, Texas; see this map of specific locations

Cost: $20, register on site at the Port Aransas Civic Center on Feb. 25th, 1:30 PM

Even More Reasons to Move to Port Aransas

sunset on the beach at port aransasThis unique annual festival is one reason that residents and visitors love the town of Port Aransas, and there are many more: the Sand Fest, the location on the Gulf of Mexico, the small yet vibrant community, and popular attractions that include birding, fishing, and swimming.

If you have been searching for a primary home or vacation home on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Port Aransas is a paradise that many people have fallen in love with.

I would love to talk with you and answer any questions you have about this area, its neighborhoods and condos, or its real estate options — call me at (361) 790-2990 and let’s talk.

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