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The One Real Estate Investment You May Be Overlooking

Investing in real estate is a solid financial decision. It can supplement your income if you rent it out or serve as a vacation home. Plus, real estate value generally increases over time.

Choosing to invest in the Port Aransas real estate market is a good idea because this is such a fantastic place to spend time. Whether you’re vacationing seasonally or looking for a full time home, there’s something for you here in Port Aransas.

One type of investment that many people overlook is the empty plot of land. Unlike a preexisting home or property, a plot of land is versatile. You can custom build your dream beach home with every feature you’ve ever wanted.

Unlike material things, land value doesn’t depreciate over time and it’s always in demand.

For more reasons as to why investing in land is a good idea, let’s take a look at 2096 Sand Point Circle in Port Aransas.

Build Your Dream Home with a Stunning Gulf View

front viewA great investment property comes with a great view. Take, for example, the gulf and ocean views from 2096 Sand Point Circle. Building a multiple-level beach home here has the potential for a stunning panoramic view of the ocean.

This lot is the last of its kind in Sand Point Circle, which makes it all the more valuable as an investment property.

You Make All the Decisions

view of the oceanWith a view like this, it almost doesn’t matter what your home looks like. Especially when you remember that 2096 Sand Point Circle has direct beach access.

But when you buy a vacant plot of land, you’re opening it up to a whole world of possibility in home design.

Check out some of the additional benefits of custom building your home:

  • Energy Efficiency: when you custom build, you can choose to put in additional features, like better windows, upgraded insulation, and passive solar, that will save you energy and add up in the long run.
  •  Special Appliances: In a preexisting home, space can be limited and it is often very costly to install custom appliances. When you build your own home though, you have complete freedom in putting in as many appliances as you want.
  • Total Customization: Custom building a home means you have a say in everything! Whether it’s a spiral staircase, bay window, or wraparound porch; if you can dream it, you can build it!

Renting Your Home or Land Can Supplement Your Income

2096 sand point circle poolInvesting in real estate can yield some serious benefits. Building a home with multiple rooms, and then renting it out to seasonal vacationers, can help you pay an existing mortgage or build a rainy day fund.

Plus, 2096 Sand Point Circle is a renter’s dream. It’s right on the beach, boasts beautiful views of the ocean, and residents can enjoy access to the community pool.

This dream location is also just minutes away from the biggest attractions in Port Aransas.

Ready to Make the Plunge Into Real Estate Investment?

Let me know! As your Port Aransas area expert, I have insider information that can help you achieve your real estate goals.

To see 2096 Sand Point Circle in person, or just to chat about your plans, please contact me. I’m always happy to help.


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