5 Reasons Why People Buy Their Second Home in Port Aransas

ChecklistAre you looking for a resort community to invest in a second home? If so, then you should check out Port Aransas, Texas.

This resort destination is quickly becoming one of the top choices for those searching for an investment property.

Consider this: Even though there are only 3,200 people who live here year-round, the population skyrockets to 200,000 plus during the summertime.

Today, I’m going to tell you about what makes this little piece of Texas such a coveted address.

Top 5 Reasons Why People Invest in Port Aransas Real Estate

It’s all about location, location, location. First of all, we are on the gulf coast, which provides incredible vistas every time you look out the window. Plus, just think of all the water recreational amenities you can enjoy when you live on the coast. But more than that, this community is close to such major cities as San Antonio (2.5 hours away), Austin (4 hours away), Houston (4 hours away) and Dallas (8 hours away). Now that’s convenient!

It Has Award Winning Beaches. For instance, San Antonio Express and Victoria Advocate identified our wonderful community as a Favorite Beach Getaway. And Texas Highways Magazine gave it the distinction of “Best (And Sweetest) 12 Weeks of Summer.”

It’s nationally acclaimed for its natural beauty. Port Arasas came in first place in the Great Texas Birding Classic “Big Sit.” And Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine ranked the community “Best of Texas.”

It’s known for being a laid-back community. In fact, this community is most often visited for leisure purposes, with the average length of a trip here being about 4.2 days. Its reputation certainly explains why $239 million in travel spending floods our community each year.

It’s a great place to go fishing. Roughly 61 percent of visitors went fishing during their time here. Of course, with a great location on the Gulf, you’ll have the opportunity to catch an array of fish. Other popular activities that the majority of visitors enjoy here include shopping, dining out and special events.

Purchase Your Second Home in Port Aransas, Texas

Doesn’t this sound like an idyllic place to invest in real estate? If you agree, then please contact me, Larry Hall, your dedicated Port Aransas real estate expert.

Whether you’re looking for a second home, an investment property or a luxury condominium, I will work hard to find just the right property for you here in our little piece of paradise.

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