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Support Relief Efforts for Hurricane Harvey

On Friday, August 25th Hurricane Harvey touched down in Texas. One of the worst storms to hit the U.S. in over a decade, Harvey displaced up to 1 million residents and devastated Texas cities and towns.

One such town that sustained severe damages from Harvey is Port Aransas. So far, no fatalities have been reported, but the Port Aransas Mayor has said that city officials are having a hard time estimating the damages, as practically everything on the island appears to be damaged. Long standing homes and businesses are in ruin.

Texans from across the state are wondering, with heavy hearts, if their vacation spots or year-round homes are still standing. Truly, Port Aransas holds a special place in the lives of many people, because it has so much beauty, charm, and hospitality to offer.

Rebuilding Begins

In times of turmoil and national disaster, communities come together to rebuild. Residents and fans of Port Aransas have volunteered time, money, supplies, and love to begin the process of fixing this beloved town.

Because of the widespread damages, the mayor of Port Aransas implemented a city wide curfew to protect residents.

The Port A community is strong and resilient. In spite of the sweeping damages to this tiny island destination, residents and vacationers alike are standing strong.

Considering Making a Contribution?

helping handsThe Port A community is strong, but we have a long way to go in order to rebuild their town. What Port A needs now more than anything is time, resources, and support.

If you have the means, consider making a donation to the official Port Aransas Relief Fund. Your donation will be used for supplies, food, and cleanup efforts.

Please Reach Out to Me

Residents of Port Aransas are committed to rebuilding. I greatly admire their strength and perseverance, and it is hard to describe the hope they have given me.

I love Port Aransas because this town has something for everyone. There’s a reason Texans from all over the state are mourning the destruction of Port Aransas. This community has a unique spirit. Residents here go out of their way to be friendly, and to make others feel included.

People who only spend a few days at a time here fall deeply in love with the community. Now, more than ever, Port Aransas needs that love.

If you are interested in volunteering, or making a donation to Port Aransas, please reach out to me and I’d be happy to give you details on local organizations.

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